We take security and privacy very seriously here at EngageWhiz. Learn more about security at EngageWhiz here.


Security is one of our #1 goals, as protecting your data and keeping it safe is crucial to offering excellent service. We employ a variety of practices and continually work to improve our security practices and culture at EngageWhiz.

Our security model and practices are there to keep you and your data safe, secure, and compliant.

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Physical Security

Our datacenters utilize multiple layers of physical security. Physical access to the datacenter is limited to a very small subset of employees.

On premises, technologies such as biometric identification, metal detection, cameras, vehicle barriers, and laser based intrusion systems are used to help secure the facility.

The servers themselves have several security features to maintain data integrity and security.

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Organizational Security

Our security model ensures that there is a proper culture of security in our organization. Code is rigorously reviewed, and must be approved before deployment.

We log access to services, record and track devices owned, and have rigorous procedures for data security and handling.

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We are proud to be FERPA, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.

We have also received the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR certification.

We also work to comply with industry standards and best practices, including FISMA, OWASP, and various ISO standards. We also observe the practices of industry leaders.

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System Architecture

Our system is designed to be robust, secure, and performant. Our system autoscales to meet demand, and institutions can choose the location of where their data is stored. Customer data is kept separate from other customers. This allows customers to have even more control over their data.

Our system is also failover tolerant, and built to handle large loads.

We support email/password authentication, passwordless authentication, SSO/SAML based sign on, and Two Factor Authentication (utilizing TOTP) that works with any standard authenticator app such as Google Authenticator, Duo, etc.


Part of good security, is maintaining customer and user privacy (and vice versa!). We collect as little data as possible, and make sure to securely handle and process that data.

We are also GDPR compliant, so you are completely in control of your data.

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