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Attendance Tracking

EngageWhiz makes recording attendance fast and simple, no more passing around sign-in sheets with students signing in their friends.

With GPS verification, instructors have an extra layer of security ensuring that students who check in, are right where they say they are.

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Engage Students

Getting students engaged in class can be tough, especially with larger classes. EngageWhiz allows instructors to create and instantly send polls, discussions, quizzes and more to students devices.

With Engage, students can also alert the professor that they are confused in realtime, as well as ask and answer questions in the course Q&A.

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Engagewhiz Is a Work Horse

EngageWhiz is built almost entirely off of feedback received from students, professors and administrators alike. This means EngageWhiz can do A LOT, or be as simple as you want it to be.

Professors can easily enable or disable features, so only what's needed is used.

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Accessible for Everyone

Accessibility is a first-class citizen at EngageWhiz. Our product works on just about any device, from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and desktops. No app download or installation necessary.

Students can mark that they have special accessibility requirements (e.g. visibility impaired), so professors can easily know in class.

On top of all this, our product is built to be accessible, and has a variety of accessibility settings including: vibrating when events occur in class, a different font to help those with dyslexia, voice commands, and more.

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You're In Control

Control everything about your course, from who can get in, individual permissions for teaching assistants, how attendance is run, to creating and managing course content.

Even customize how records and data is exported. Plus, course actions are logged so you know who did what, and when.

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Teaching Assistants

Easily add and manage teaching assistants, as well as other professors in your course.

Control individual permissions for each TA, so one TA might be able to view and update grades, while another may not. It's entirely up to you, you have complete control.

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