Make presentations interactive and captivating.

Stream Presentations

Upload your presentations from PDF's or from PowerPoint and your presentations can easily be accessed anywhere you go right in EngageWhiz.

When presenting a presentation, students devices display the same slide that you are on, making following along easy.

You can control allowing students to view presentations later, as well as control whether or not they can download presentations.

Screenshot of open presentation

Remote Control

Remotely control presentations from any other laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Meaning you aren't tethered to the computer at the front of the classroom.

The presentation remote also lets you ask questions, take attendance, and switch presentations.

The best part? No additional hardware or purchasing a separate remote necessary, it's all built right into EngageWhiz.

Screenshot of a presentation remote page

Insert Questions and Videos

EngageWhiz lets you insert questions and videos into presentations, allowing you to make your presentations interactive.

Since questions can run in the background and finish automatically, you can ask a question and keep presenting.

Screenshot of presentation with question running

Draw on Slides

Open any slide in the whiteboard to draw on, annotate, and edit.

Save your edited slides for later viewing or further editing.

Screenshot of slide being edited in whiteboard

Students can take notes on slides

Students can take notes on individual slides.

Students can later review these notes when viewing the presentation.

Screenshot of presentation with notes panel open


Because your presentations are stored on EngageWhiz, anywhere you login you are instantly ready to present. EngageWhiz even remembers where you left off.

Students marking themselves as confused lets you know exactly what slide students are confused on.

Search through presentation slides, control student access to presentations, and more.

Screenshot of presentation with search dialog open

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