Here are even more things that EngageWhiz does for you.

Remote Control

Control EngageWhiz from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. This lets you have EngageWhiz presenting on a screen or projector, while you are free to walk around the class or be away from the podium yet still control everything.

The best part? No hardware or purchasing a separate remote necessary, it's all built right into EngageWhiz.

Screenshot of remote control page with buttons to control presentations


Upload your presentations into EngageWhiz and upgrade your presenting and lecture experience. You can have it so students view the presentation on their devices and follow along automatically when you change the slide.

Insert questions into your presentation to engage your students, control the presentation remotely through the built in presentation remote, draw on slides through the digital whiteboard, and much more.

Screenshot of an active presentation open to a chemistry slide

Data/Record Exporting

All data in EngageWhiz can be exported or printed. Customize how data is exported to work with your LMS like Blackboard or Canvas.

Record exports are logged so you can later revisit and redownload an export at a certain point in time. You can also download an archive of your entire course with all its records, grades, and data.

Screenshot of data and records exporting options

Jump right in

EngageWhiz is a subscription service for students (unless department/institution licensed) like many other services. However, with EngageWhiz, students are given a 2 week grace period so they can use the product right away.

This means you can use EngageWhiz right from the first class, and students who join late aren't left out. No waiting. Even without a subscription or if it expires, students can still view all of their records, data, grades, and view other course content such as presentations and posts. No more being locked out once the subscription ends like our competitors do.

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Screenshot of dialog asking to either purchase a subscription or start the grace period

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