Effectively engage students and gauge understanding.

Create and send questions, polls, quizzes and more

Easily create multiple kinds of questions, including multiple choice, matching, short response questions, and more.

You have complete customization over each question, from whether it's graded, how long students have to respond, to whether they are allowed multiple tries and hints.

After finishing recording student responses, you can view and discuss the results right away, or move on with your lecture.

You can also allow students to respond via SMS, which means no smartphone or internet connection required!

Screenshot of question bank with create new question dialog open


Let students ask questions, which can be answered by you, a TA, or even other students.

Don't have time to answer a question in class? Answer it later and every student benefits from the answer.

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Gauge Understanding

Figuring out if students understand what's going on in your lecture is hard. EngageWhiz makes it easy for students to let you know they aren't understanding the content.

Students can mark whether they are confused or understanding the lecture in real-time. You can even get alerts when the confusion of a class passes a certain threshold. No more guessing games of whether students get what you're saying.

When a question or whiteboard is active, it'll get tagged as well that students were confused during that specific question. In live transcriptions, see exactly when in the lecture a student was confused.

Screenshot of confusion meter dialog displaying how many students are confused

Create and store items in your Question Bank

When you create a question or folder, or other item, it gets stored in your question bank for that course, keeping everything organized and searchable.

You can also access items from all of your courses, so you don't have to recreate the same question multiple times for multiple courses. You can even let TA's or other professors create content in your question bank as well.

Screenshot of question bank page with list of questions in it

Give Students Feedback

Give feedback to individual students on their responses, so they can learn from their mistakes.

You can also set notes for a question which can be viewed by all students when later reviewing a question.

Screenshot of give student feedback dialog open for a student response

Whiteboards and Trends

Same as attendance, you can view detailed records and reports about student responses and performance. View trends and see if students are meeting learning goals.

Questions support secure responses, which tracks if students leave the page, paste in content, and more. Question prompts and responses also support LaTex/TeX.

You can also use a digital whiteboard in class which students can later view.

Screenshot of whiteboard with a graph drawn on it

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