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A variety of accessibility settings

EngageWhiz provides a variety and ever expanding array of accessibility settings. For instance, you can set your device to vibrate when something occurs in a class (e.g. attendance is being taken).

Other options include using a dark theme, inverting colors, switching the font to one more readable for those with dyslexia, increasing the contrast, changing word/line spacing, brightness, reducing animations, and more.

We even have a setting to enable voice commands, so you can dictate actions (e.g. "go to settings" or "mark as confused"). Actions can also be accessed through the action finder, opened through a keyboard shortcut.

Screenshot of accessibility settings page

Manage Accessibility Requirements

Students can mark any accessibility requirements or notes they may have (e.g. a vision impairment).

Professors can easily view any students with accessibility needs, and even be reminded that there are students with accessibility needs in the course when creating a question that may require viewing a photo or that has other accessibility concerns.

Screenshot of manage accessibility requirements page

Live Transcription

With a microphone, you can have what you say transcribed and displayed on your screen. This live transcription is also streamed to students devices.

These transcriptions can be later viewed, and even searched through (e.g. "when did the professor say the final was?"). Anyone in the course can also improve these transcriptions if one wasn't transcribed properly (of course, it gets displayed who edited it along with the original).

Screenshot of professor live transcription page

Device Lending Program

Accessibility isn't just physical/mental impairments or challenges. Sometimes it's financial, or someone not having the right device. If someone needs a device to access our product, be it they can't afford a device or their device is too old, we'll lend them a device for the semester. Free of charge. No catches.

We also lend out (also 100% free) keyboards, which can connect to a smartphone or tablet through bluetooth, if a student needs the physical feedback of a keyboard.

When we say we take accessibility seriously, we mean it. We believe everyone should be able to access, use and experience the benefits of our service.

Built Accessible

We deliver our product as a web-app, so you can use it on just about any modern browser, on any device you want. This allows you to use your preferred accessibility technologies as well as built-in ones.

When building our product, we make sure to conform to accessibility standards. Some basics include proper HTML, HTML landmarks, ARIA roles and tags, alt tags, and more.

We also manually test our application for accessibility on top of using automated tests. We also consult with accessibility specialists/counselors for feedback and advice.

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