Use all of EngageWhiz

  • Use any other feature of EngageWhiz while in a video conference, such as questions, quizzes, presentations, attendance, and more. No download required.
  • EngageWhiz supports video/audio conferencing, as well as live streaming the instructor to students for lectures. You can also share your screen during a video conference/lecture.


  • EngageWhiz video conferences are secure: only students in your course can join, and you can further lock the call if you only want certain students in the call.
  • You can also disable student webcams/microphones. Enabling student webcams/microphones prompts the student that they can turn them back on, rather than invading the students privacy and turning on their camera/microphone.


  • Chat and share links and files when in a video conference.
  • You can allow/disallow chat, as well as enable/disable a profanity filter.

Live Whiteboard

  • Have what you draw show up live on student devices on a shared whiteboard.
  • You can enable/disable allowing students to draw on the whiteboard for collaborative learning.