Major Versions

4.1.0 - 7/3/2020

  • Finished transitioning to new signal server.

4.0.0 - 7/1/2020

  • EngageWhiz has split from Epistem so the integration with the Epistem backend has been removed.
  • Internal refactorings.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fixed issues where printing could only print first page of reports/records, improved printing output.
  • Fixed version sometimes showing last version if cache issues, and fixed some issues with caching.
  • Switched signaling server to temporary one while transition to new one.

3.16.4 - 6/3/2020

  • Fixed issue with loading engage records from assignments.

3.16.3 - 5/29/2020

  • Fixed issue with assignments not loading.

3.16.2 - 5/26/2020

  • Fixed issue with some queries still using the old quizid identifier instead of the new "quiz" identifier.

3.16.1 - 5/20/2020

  • Fixed issue with a query in the question bank that prevented the loading of question bank items.
  • Fix presentation item options menu not displaying.

3.16.0 - 5/12/2020

  • Continued work on large code refactoring and improvements.
  • Some popovers now display as action sheets on mobile. Also improved accessibility of popovers by closing them when the escape key is pressed.
  • Folders now display at top of question bank, presentations, and documents.
  • Video conference now better handles the network being disconnected and turns of the webcam/microphone and sets the UI to not being in a call.
  • Video conference handles page unload event and stops video conference if professor.
  • Professor video in video conferences now displays as the largest/main video for students. Professor's maintain their birds-eye-view of all participants.
  • Performance improvements to video conferencing.
  • Updated and expanded security logging.
  • Updated and expanded course activity logging.
  • Improved validation for user names and course names.

3.15.0 - 5/6/2020

  • Increased chat message notification timeout.
  • Professors can now enable/disable video or audio for all participants in a video conference. When a professor reenables video/audio, video/audio is now unlocked for the participants and they can choose to turn back on their video/audio.
  • Began large code refactoring and improvements.
  • Added transition services as new subject option.
  • Changed how left menu is loaded, fixing some edge case issues with displaying/loading the menu.
  • Updated authentication system to support multi-tenant environment.
  • Passwordless sign-in email links opened in a browser other than the one that made the request now prompt to enter your email instead of just rejecting the request.
  • Removed loading progress bar due to too many edge case bugs where it was still displaying even though loading had completed.
  • Removed language settings for now until we can properly implement the language system.
  • Changed whiteboard course home action color to be easier to read.
  • Fix edge-case bugs with left menu displaying at wrong time or not displaying.
  • New announcements feature.Professors can make announcements which can notify students by email. The students course home displays to most recent notifications.
  • Creating assignments and documents now has the option to send an email notification to students.
  • Improve routing back to assignments page after assigning a question.

3.14.0 - 4/27/2020

  • Updated dependencies.
  • Can now share files in the video conference chat.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Reduced storage used by database caching.
  • Disabled animations for pages to improve performance.
  • Switched and upgraded stun and turn servers for video conferencing.
  • EngageWhiz now checks if it hasn't been refreshed in 8 hours and reloads the page if so.
  • Student course menu now displays support popup.
  • Documents now renamed to "Documents & Links". Professors can now add and share links/URLs.
  • Removed no longer used manage 2fa button on security actions page.
  • Display version in menu as well.

3.13.0 - 4/23/2020

  • Upgraded video conference signaling server which brings greatly improved performance.
  • Fixed bug where if stopped screen sharing by clicking the stop button in the browsers screen share dialog, the screen share button on the page would still say "Stop Screensharing".
  • Added chat to video conference.
  • Live whiteboard button now only displays if video/audio conference is active.
  • Professors can now send email invites to students to join a video conference.
  • Improved backend email error handling.
  • Professors can now lock/unlock conference calls. When a call is locked, no new users can join until it is unlocked.

3.12.0 - 4/22/2020

  • Screen sharing in video conference is taken out of testing and is now available again.
  • New signup info is removed if signing in with existing account.

3.11.2 - 4/20/2020

  • Course join popup checks if already enrolled in the course before displaying, and navigates to the course if already enrolled.
  • Updated cache control for version file.

3.11.1 - 4/20/2020

  • Fixed regression from 3.11.0 where create presentation dialog was unable to detect if a dependency was loaded, preventing the creation of new presentations.

3.11.0 - 4/19/2020

  • Presentations uploaded from PowerPoint files (.pptx) now process and retain slide notes from the presentation file.
  • Professors can now view and modify slide notes from the "View slide notes" button in a presentation.
  • Improvements and refactoring of demo server, a core library, and API URL.
  • Improved performance of SMS responses handler.
  • Fixed bug where if switching accounts, the email field on the signin page could autocorrect to the previous users email.
  • Internal refactorings and code improvements.
  • Fixed bug where audio calls couldn't be started if the computer had only a microphone and not a webcam.
  • Fix issue where student presentation wasn't closing when an attendance/engage session was started.
  • After a student checks in for attendance or submits an engage response it now re-opens the active presentation if the presentation was minimized for the active session.
  • Fix edge-case bug where the professor presentations module was not loaded before accessing a function from it.
  • Improved cache management and cache busting. The new cache busting system also eliminates a rare-case possible security vulnerability where a malicious actor could cause errors by forcing systems to cache future filenames (if they were able to guess the filename with the version info attached) that link to older versions. The new caching busting system is not guessable.
  • About page now displays cache version string.

3.10.0 - 4/16/2020

  • Course invite/join URL's now set a users role and school ID automatically, making signup faster and easier.
  • Course invite/join emails now support setting up the users name and email as well.
  • Changed system for checking user had password signin setup. This also fixes some edge case bugs.
  • Professors can now see status of email invites/whether a student accepted the invite or not.

3.9.0 - 4/13/2020

  • Fixed bug in processing presentations created from .ppt or .pptx files.
  • Demo server now displays dialog asking if you meant to go to main server.
  • Improved error logging on backend to aid in detecting and resolving any issues.
  • Video conference now supports audio-only calls. Can select what type of call when starting one.
  • Implemented headless browser detection.
  • Disabled access to video lecture feature while we work on merging it into the video conference feature.
  • Fixed bug where a user couldn't accept an invite to a course as a professor.
  • Security improvements to video conference.
  • Removed undo button in live whiteboard due to issues syncing between clients.
  • Improve video conference mute self audio button icon.
  • Inputs now have border to be easier to see/understand.
  • Remove tag icon for institution select on signin page.
  • Dropdowns now have down facing caret on them to better indicate that they are a dropdown.
  • Fix bug where if hid course menu and went back to courses list the main menu would be hidden.

3.8.0 - 4/8/2020

  • Fixed bug where if you tried joining a course you were already enrolled in, the page would display a loading dialog forever.
  • Fixed bug with page navigating back after saving question if came from assignment page.
  • Fix options button on question bank folders still showing when in assign view.
  • Removed screen sharing feature in video conference for now as there were too many issues with it.
  • Fix issues with Active Presentation course action button not showing.
  • Renamed Live Lecture to Video Lecture.
  • Improved wording of action titles on course home.
  • If tried to access a page while not signed in, EngageWhiz now redirects back to that URL after signing in/signing up.
  • Fixed and improved connecting calls in video conference.
  • Professor starting a video conference now alerts students that a video conference has started.
  • Students can now access the undo and clear buttons for the live whiteboard.
  • Fixed bug where if the video conference was displaying hidden in the menu and you returned back to the video conference page, the videos would disappear.

3.7.0 - 4/6/2020

  • Added admin console for institutions, making it easier to manage institution settings.
  • Improved wording and made it more obvious how to sign up on the signin page.
  • Added live whiteboard to video conference. Can now draw on and use a shared/streamed whiteboard.
  • Fixed bug in video conference for students where the video display would be lost if an engage or attendance session was started.
  • Display an alert for Safari users on video conference feature recommending to use a different browser. Safari has been found to sometimes have some issues with the feature.
  • When changing a quick question prompt on the take responses page, it now live updates the large prompt display with the entered question.
  • Add sign out button to HIPAA screen timeout.

3.6.0 - 4/3/2020

  • Fixed bug where couldn't use password authentication if it was allowed but Google signin was set as primary.
  • Institutions can now allow Google sign-in as an additional method, not just as the primary method.
  • Institutions can now configure allowed/disallowed course features.
  • When leaving video conference page, instead of having to end the call, it now displays in the side menu, allowing use of other features/pages.
  • The "Home" button in the course menu now goes to the course home instead of the course list, and a "Courses" button has been added to go to the courses list.
  • Added support for Microsoft/Azure Active Directory sign-in.
  • Fixed bug in signout URL where if it was loaded directly it would cause an error.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements to sign-in email popup layout.
  • Add support for specifying institution in URL to auto open signin for that institution.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the deletion of courses.
  • Made the toast for when there are no students in a course a dialog and updated the wording.
  • Improvements to video conference feature no longer require a refresh after ending a call.

3.5.0 - 3/30/2020

  • Fixed some bugs in video conference.
  • Fixed exiting fullscreen bug in video conference.
  • Video conference host has an indicator on their video.
  • Can now mute video in video conference.
  • Live lecture chat now scrolls to most recent message on load instead of staying at top.
  • Students can now raise their hands in live lecture and video conference.
  • Improved handling/checking if there is a webcam/microphone for video conference.
  • Improved handling of edge cases in video conference.
  • Self mute button icon changed to microphone.
  • New institution config option: color coded course home action list.
  • Improved organization of course home action list.
  • Made join/create course pages into popups, fixed bug where after creating a course it wouldn't automatically go into the course.
  • Make the invite students toast a dialog.

3.4.0 - 3/28/2020

  • Removed notification settings.
  • Fixed email encoding issues.
  • Fixed bug in additional info where if you didn't agree to the terms the popup closed.
  • Fixed spacing/padding of text on some pages/forms.
  • Minor tweaks/fixes to elements.
  • Individual live lecture has left testing and is released as Video Conference.

3.3.0 - 3/27/2020

  • Institutions can now customize labels for professors and students. E.g. instead of being called "professors" in the app, they can be called "instructors".
  • "Contact Support" button in error dialog renamed to "Support" and displays in-app support dialog instead of just redirecting to contact page.

3.2.0 - 3/26/2020

  • Fixed issues relating to events on an interval being marked as completed and reset during signin (e.g. auto security checkup).
  • Improved the way toasts/alerts are displayed to make them easier to see/more clear.
  • New error alerts instead of just a toast. Includes an option for contacting support.

3.1.0 - 3/25/2020

  • Fixed bug where newly created courses acted as if they were created through LTI and displayed the wrong UI.
  • Documents feature. Can now upload/share documents.
  • Removed length requirement check for live lecture chat.
  • No longer lock user into email verification page until their email is verified. Instead, allow to create the account but display a message on the homepage to verifiy their email.
  • Fixed bug where setting up a password always used the zxcvbn library, even if an institution's config disabled it.
  • Adjusted sensitivity in calculating password strength.
  • Made the additional info page a popup which fixes some routing issues.

3.0.0 - 3/24/2020

  • Fixed a misspelling of "devices" on the engage take responses page.
  • Integrated with Epistem backend.
  • Refactored calls to backend into helper function.
  • Reworked backend for massive performance increases across many parts of the application.
  • Updated copyright in about.
  • New engage question type: Equation / Graph.
  • Fixed bugs with rerendering equations. Improved equation/math rendering.
  • Displaying question prompts on student devices now defaults to true.
  • Whiteboard now has an option to generate a graph for its background.
  • Whiteboard now lets you upload an image as its background.
  • Institutions can now write custom scripts that are run for users. Initial version of the API for schools was made available as well.
  • New two factor authentication system through SMS. Fixed security issues with old system.
  • Can now remove two factor authentication from the two factor authentication settings page. No longer have to contact support to do so.
  • Live lecture feature. Can now broadcast/video stream lectures live to students.

2.4.3 - 1/29/2020

  • Fix bug where some emails were sent as plaintext instead of being properly formatted.
  • Now displays a message saying Internet Explorer is not supported when initializing the app.
  • Minor performance improvements and memory use reduction in Engage.
  • Fix bug where a nonexistent variable was being set to true in timers.
  • Remove no longer necessary link to gps locations in attendance settings.
  • Fix a load page function not being loaded in another page.
  • Remove redundant search presentation button for students.
  • Change a forgotten reference from live captions to transcriptions.
  • Fix missing apostrophe in a dialog.

2.4.2 - 1/27/2020

  • Implemented live chat support link on the support popup.
  • Fixed bug where if a student checked in for an attendance session with GPS verification, and the student blocked GPS permissions, the attendance session would fail to process.
  • Don't display secure response log item focus/blur if the return time was recorded as 0 seconds.
  • Engage questions now display if they support SMS responses.
  • Fix bug where the course code input on the join course page wasn't checking for empty state if a course code was supplied through a link.
  • Change student presentation download setting icon to a download symbol to be easier to understand.
  • App now fetches latest file version info from server at initialization, which solves cache busting issues when reloading for an update.

2.4.1 - 1/22/2020

  • Fixed bug where clicking invite students on invite students toast wouldn't load the page.
  • Displaying import/export settings page from course setup dialog now only displays import buttons.
  • Reorganize order of course setup guided feature setup slides.
  • Confusion meter alert now displays as an in-app notification at the top of the page.
  • EngageWhiz is now free for students if a course only uses the attendance feature.

2.4 - 1/14/2020

  • Professors can now upload presentations directly as PowerPoint files (.pptx) in addition to PDF's.
  • Reorganized some security pages/links on settings page, with new "Security & Privacy" section.
  • Security actions page.
  • Security checkup page.
  • Schools can configure automatic security checkups.
  • Sign-in history now logs IP address (in addition to security logs already logging the user's IP).
  • Students can transfer their subscriptions to other students.
  • Updated way in with initial script loader is called, application loading message now has a loading indicator and displays earlier.
  • Fixed bug in calculating remaining time in HIPAA authentication timeout.
  • Fixed bug in getting correct user IP address.
  • Schools can now configure IP enforcement, where users can only sign-in with a valid IP in the school's ASN.
  • New simpler and improved GPS verification system. Professors no longer have to specify the classroom location.
  • Course professor name can now be changed in course info settings.
  • Improved the way the confusion meter is handled. These improvements reduce event updates to connected devices which improves performance especially in areas with limited bandwidth.
  • Time limits for questions and quizzes now work in assignments.
  • Professors can now set a timed hint for engage questions (available under review section when editing an engage item).
  • Fixed bug where professor notes for an engage question were not visible in the engage record if the question was inside a quiz.
  • If students failed the location verification in attendance, professors can immediately change their marking if they wish when finishing taking attendance (e.g. a student was incorrectly marked as absent).
  • Professors can now quickly access and edit an assigments source question by clicking "Edit question" from the assignment options button.
  • Secure response tracking now works for assignments.
  • Professors can now set engage question accommodations for students such as question clarifications and extended time.
  • Fixed bug where students could submit an unlimited number of times for an assignment if second tries were disabled.
  • Fixed bug where a quiz that auto-closed (whether by timer or the session being closed) could go back to the wrong page if the student was inside a question of the quiz.
  • Submitting an assignment now checks if there is a valid assignment ID in the URL, just as assignment quizzes do.
  • Professors and TAs can now comment on engage question responses.
  • Fixed bug where TAs with the present presentation permission were denied permission to present by the server.
  • Further setup a custom build of a major dependency to further reduce bundle size.
  • Added new engage record filter options such as by suspicious activity, has comments, and has feedback.
  • Engage record response items now indicate if they've been modified.
  • Professors and TAs can now manually modify an engage record response's grade.
  • Professors can now configure if TA's are visible to students on the course info page.
  • Professors can insert YouTube or Vimeo videos into presentations.
  • Fixed edge-case bug in generating highly truant students attendance report.

2.3.1 - 12/12/2019

  • Creating and deleting courses is now handled on the server for performance and security improvements.
  • Generating highly truant students report is now handled on the server for performance improvements.
  • Fixed bug where loading indicator for uploading presentations would close before presentations were fully uploaded.
  • Fixed presentations briefly hiding/showing when opened on Safari. The flash was a fix for Safari, but the flash is now hidden.
  • Presentations now extract links from uploaded presentations and can be accessed/opened from a new menu item when viewing presentations.
  • Add new "More options" button to presentations to reduce clutter.
  • Hide/show presentation buttons based upon current slide.
  • Slide notes for students are now a side panel.
  • Add new transpiler in build process to ensure maximum compatibility for code.
  • About page version info also provides commit information.
  • Fixed sizing for background image that displays when a list/page is empty on larger screens.
  • Fixed presentations not automatically reopening for students if professor presents same presentation again.
  • Professors can now delete attendance records from their respective record pages.
  • Clicking new assignment displays question bank items with assign action rather than the default send action.
  • "There is an active presentation running" toast now has button for opening the active presentation.
  • Improved update checking.
  • Improved options for inserting questions into presentations. New option for creating a question on the spot and inserting into presentation.
  • Presentation menu items now hide/show for appropriate slides.
  • Presentation slides are now lazy loaded, offering improved performance. To achieve this, the way presentations are processed and uploaded has been reworked in certain areas.
  • Fixed bug where finishing taking attendance didn't handle if no location was set while GPS verification was enabled.
  • Fix student engage record item titles for unsubmitted responses.
  • Signing in now logs if signing into new device and sends an email alert if signed into a new device.

2.3.0 - 12/2/2019

This update contains a mass amount of much needed bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

  • Performed some treeshaking on an icon dependency to reduce unnecessary files/code and improve performance.
  • App images and graphics are now optimized upon build, this reduces file size of images and improves performance.
  • Added a route for notifications.
  • Student course home action button for attendance checkin now checks if attendance session running like active engage session button does.
  • Fix minor bug where course info description field didn't check for empty state.
  • Accessibility improvement: Popups that aren't a required action can be closed with the escape key.
  • Fix firstname/lastname minor grammatical mistake on record export settings page.
  • Added new school config option to allow/disallow signing up/in with any email domain.
  • Added new school config option to customize authentication state persistence.
  • Fixed some listeners not being removed when leaving course pages.
  • Fixed bug where student automatically following professors current slide of presentation would be one slide behind.
  • Fixed bug where presentation controls were automatically hiding on question slides.
  • A loading indicator is now shown when loading popups to reduce instances of staring at a blank screen.
  • Fix bug where the search presentation dialog wasn't working for students.
  • Changed student presentation follow options icon to be easier to understand/more obvious what it is.
  • Added a new option to student presentation options to go to the slide the professor is currently on.
  • Improved loading of the presentation listener for students.
  • Removed signin menu.
  • Signin page no longer has a left menu.
  • Updated finish button text for engage and attendance pages to be clearer (now says "Finish taking attendance" / "Finish taking responses" as opposed to just "Finish").
  • Fixed bug for questions that allowed second tries where the second try would also increment the checked in count.
  • Fixed bug for questions that allowed students to submit multiple times in some instances.
  • Improved displaying second try info in engage records, and improve handling cases where student submitted once and didn't use second try.
  • Student attendance and engage checkin buttons now check if already submitted before loading the checkin/submit pages, rather than waiting for the student to try checking in again.
  • Professors now have a view active presentation course home action just as students do.
  • Moved the view active presentation course home action above the presentations action, and changed the behavior to display if it the left menu is not visible instead of only displaying on mobile.
  • Simplified presenting presentations by: making presenting in the current window the default, moving and renaming the "Open in popup" option to "Present in popup" under the presentation options, and changing the present button to "Send to receiver" when in the presentation remote.
  • Major internal refactoring of backend, and minor internal factoring of some of the frontend.
  • Added a new school config option for customizing password requirements/enforcement.
  • Fix possible bug where a required module might not have been loaded for creating an account with a password on the signin page.
  • Taking responses/attendance now asks to confirm saving the record if no students have checked in or submitted.
  • Fix bug where couldn't view presentions from other courses that were in folders.
  • Fix bug where import settings from course dialog wouldn't display no courses message if only course was the current course.
  • Reduced length of code needed to checkin for attendance via SMS.
  • A toast now alerts the professor that a student marked themselves as confused during a presentation.
  • Asking a quick question from a presentation now verifies that the required module is loaded.
  • Taking attendance/asking a quick question from presentations now automatically returns to the presentation after the engage/attendance session.
  • New review option for engage items: allow students to view correct answer.
  • Closing a presentation is now more intuitive with a menu that offers to either minimize the presentation or stop presenting.
  • Stop presenting button now only displays if there is an active presentation.
  • Handling of going back/routing bugs have been reduced/improved.
  • Display options menu for closed assignments.
  • Perform some optimizations on compiling dependencies to reduce filesize and improve performance.
  • Replace remaining toggles with checkboxes.
  • Removed quick share.
  • Removed action finder.
  • Removed network settings.
  • Removed aggressive caching system due to too many issues.
  • Engage items are further modularized, improving performance.
  • Increased modularity/code splitting of significant portions of codebase, which improves performance.
  • Fix bug where attendance timer would run in background on reload even if time limit was disabled.
  • Make switching institutions/reopening signin dialog from institution select more intuitive.
  • Mobile menu button is now also automatically displayed when page is resized, not just on page load.
  • Prevent left menu from being swiped open and all the issues that came as a result.
  • Changing course name also now updates the coursename for presentations and questionbank items.
  • Attendance and engage records now display number of students checked in.
  • Add periods to end of attendance record basic status descriptions.
  • Fixed chart labels still displaying black text in darkmode.
  • Managing GPS locations from attendance settings auto saves the attendance settings so they aren't lost upon return.
  • New accessibility setting: Force Light Theme.
  • Improve how local accessibility settings are set.
  • Fix issues with professor resuming active presentation after page refresh.
  • Fix issues with resuming active presentations and going to/presenting proper slide.
  • Student marking as confused for an active presentation slide now marks as confused for the current slide the student is viewing, not just the professor's active slide.
  • New presentation setting: Automatically display on students devices.
  • When professor stops presenting, indicate on student devices that are following the presentation that the professor has stopped presenting.
  • Fixed date formatting bug in creating assignments.
  • Assignments now validate that due date is after start date in creation dialog.
  • Fixed issues with enabling persistence for caching documents in Firefox and Safari when in private browsing.
  • Now automatically checks for updates and prompts to reload if there is an update.
  • Update console security message.
  • Students can now view presentations later. Professors can customize this setting in the course presentation settings as well as customize it per-presentation.
  • Student access has been changed to student download for presentations to support the new feature of students viewing presentations later.
  • Students can now take notes in presentations. Notes are stored for each slide.
  • Changed the confusion meter button to be more intuitive for students by making it just a button instead of accessed through a dropdown.
  • Fixed presentation display bug in safari.
  • Added tooltips to several items in addition to existing title attributes.
  • Fixed issues with attendance/engage items not automatically displaying on students devices if they open the course page after the session started.
  • Added new system for invalidating cache.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for undo and redo in whiteboards.

2.2.7 - 11/6/2019

  • Remove offline mode network setting in favor of automatically handling offline state.
  • Improved offline handling.
  • Module cache tokens now tied to app version in addition to build number.
  • Fix issue where an actively running engage or attendance session could auto close in background on a device being used as the presentation remote.
  • Update some dependencies.
  • Added text to speech option for Q&A posts and comments.
  • Improved professor whiteboard controls.

2.2.6 - 10/25/2019

  • Improved caching and caching performance.

2.2.5 - 10/22/2019

  • Fix bugs with taking attendance for the first time in a course.
  • Table question titles now support TeX/LaTeX.
  • Presentations now format fill in the blank question prompts on question redirect slides.

2.2.4 - 10/21/2019

  • Fix bug in number question with correct answer.
  • Fix bug where persisting engage record name and quick question prompt wouldn't reset for new question.
  • Fix bug in loading dependency for click on image question.
  • Fix some bugs in handling SMS responses.
  • Fix bug in viewing start time of manual attendance records.

2.2.3 - 10/18/2019

  • Upgrade a dependency to latest version.
  • Minor improvements to signin dialogs.

2.2.2 - 10/18/2019

  • Prevent edge case condition where a script might be fetched twice.
  • Asking quick question now makes sure the proper module is loaded.
  • Improved how quick question/short response questions load responses in the view response dialog.
  • Improved displaying current checked in count/progress for taking attendance/responses when returning to page.
  • Taking attendance page now persists record name and learning activity when returning to page.
  • Can now set quick question prompt directly from take responses page.
  • Taking responses page now persists record name and quick question prompt when returning to page.
  • "Start a New Session" dialog button in the attendance session already active dialog is now colored red.
  • Display toast when stopping presentation.

2.2.1 - 10/16/2019

  • Updated some dependencies to latest version.
  • Improved waiting for pending writes to server in some areas.
  • Added new question type: Essay.
  • Table question now tracks pasted content for secure response log.
  • Minor performance improvements to loading accessibility settings.
  • Remove PWA caching as the bandwidth usage by background caching outweighed the benefits.
  • Improved displaying/hiding of presentation navigation/menu.
  • Engage records now display if student opened a question but did not submit.
  • Presentation questions now handle if their source question has been deleted.
  • Fix bug in premade graph selection when editing drawing question where selecting the default option (no graph) set a nonexistent graph for the background.
  • Change default option labels text to "Default" in accessibility settings.
  • Fixed race condition in builds that prevented CSS from being minified.
  • New accessibility settings: no font kerning, small caps, sepia, text cursor (caret) color, text color, do not display images, do not display icons, emphasize menu links, disable text selection, and upper-case text.

2.2.0 - 10/8/2019

  • Add text messaging rates notice to associate phone number page.
  • Improve loading enrolled courses error handling.
  • Make manual attendance checkin/engage response easier to find/more clear for students.
  • Engage items can now display a video for prompt instead of an image.
  • Added new question type: Watch Video.
  • Fix minor bugs for students in presentations module.
  • Added option to recache scripts in network settings.
  • Drawing question now has option to use premade graphs.
  • Move toggle fullscreen button to course menu header.
  • Add secure responses option for engage items. When enabled, tracks user leaving/returning to page, for how long, when they submitted, and if they pasted in content.

2.1.9 - 09/29/2019

  • Update PWA caching to align with more aggressive caching system.
  • Professors giving feedback on student responses now sends a notification to the student that they received feedback.
  • Fix bug where long notification text got cut off.
  • Notifications menu link now displays a badge with the number of notifications.
  • Added option to clear all notifications.
  • Added new question type: Reaction.
  • Improve layout of buttons in view drawing response dialog.

2.1.8 - 09/26/2019

  • Performance improvements through increased modularly loading of code, and increased caching. This includes bandwidth and memory improvements.
  • Shorten QA post minimum length requirement.
  • Fix filter button not working in student engage records.
  • Hide toggle fullscreen button on unsupported mobile devices.
  • Fix bug where student fill in the blank questions werent properly formatting the prompt if set to display prompt on student devices.
  • Fix bug where couldn't directly load/navigate to student submit response page. Handled some edge case bugs as well with loading submit response page.
  • Professors can now toggle displaying the left menu.
  • Menu button no longer displays in popups.
  • Able to move question bank items into and out of folders and quizzes.
  • Fix bug in two factor authentication on devices running iOS 10 where it would prompt to enter the security code too early.
  • Transactional emails (e.g. course invites, absence notices, etc.) now display a security footer to help against phishing.
  • Improved parsing and handling of SMS messages.
  • Improved large cursor accessibility setting.
  • Update setup two factor authentication cancel button.
  • Display preloader when loading question bank.
  • Live transcription now only displays on supported browsers.
  • Whiteboard now initializes to page width.
  • Professors can now delete live transcription sessions.
  • Added new question type: Sorting.

2.1.7 - 09/22/2019

  • Fix icons in SMS respond settings.
  • Engage and attendance records display if SMS responses were allowed.
  • Fix some minor bugs with some inputs, convert a lot of toggle inputs to checkboxes to make them simpler to use.
  • Fix minor bug where deleting question bank items attempted to delete image even if no image was set, which would generate console errors.
  • Question bank item editor now displays question type at top of page.
  • Added new question type: Multiple Answer.
  • Added new question type: True or False.

2.1.6 - 09/21/2019

  • Students can now respond to attendance sessions and engage questions through SMS. Institutions can enable or disable this feature, and professors can enable/disable it for their courses.
  • Confusion meter settings are now separated from engage settings.
  • Q&A settings are now separated from engage settings.

2.1.5 - 09/18/2019

  • Fix bug where HIPAA screen timeout popup would stack every interval while still timed out.
  • Performance improvements in page initialization handlers that reduces memory footprint and overhead.
  • Presentations now support fullscreen automatically for professors.
  • Added new presentation settings in manage course page.
  • Added toogle fullscreen button to several pages.
  • Multiple choice questions now support up to 10 options.
  • Fill in the blank questions now support up to 10 options.
  • Matching questions now support up to 10 options and 10 additional incorrect options.
  • Action finder now closes after selecting action.
  • Fix bug in action finder where several actions weren't running.
  • Can now import/export question bank questions to/from files.
  • Added and improved some meta tags.
  • Fix minor bug in question editor where image alt text input field was visible even though no image was set.
  • Engage records for matching questions now display additional incorrect options in the original question area.
  • Fix bug where menu institution branding wasn't displaying on initial page load.
  • Fix bug where newly courses created would display as if created from LTI on first load.

2.1.4 - 09/16/2019

  • Add show password toggle buttons to password inputs.
  • Question bank item prompt images can now have custom alt tags.
  • Fix bug where short response correct answer options weren't displaying on load when correct answer was checked off.
  • Edit and options buttons on closed assignments are now hidden.
  • New option to take attendance manually.
  • Fix bug where confusion meter wouldn't automatically reset.
  • Fixed some bugs in LTI where users couldn't authenticate as professors or TAs in courses.
  • LTI integration now automatically syncs name changes/role elevation from LMS into EngageWhiz.
  • Added new LTI setup info and help page, accessible from manage course page.
  • Fix bug where confusion meter menu button was visible even if the feature was disabled
  • Prevent user from attempting to delete course if not the course admin on the client side and display an alert instead. (Was prevented serverside, generating a permissions error).
  • Improve accessibility of icons for assistive technologies.
  • Rename accessibility requirements to accessibility accommodations.

2.1.3 - 09/11/2019

  • Fix bug where preloader for additional info wouldn't close if didn't check agree to policies field.
  • Fix console error in loading accessibility settings if they've never been set before.
  • Improved device support notes in accessibility settings.
  • Improved waiting for some server operations to fully finish before indicating that the task is completed.
  • Two factor authentication setup dialog now displays recommended authenticator apps.

2.1.2 - 09/10/2019

  • Added basic LTI support. Can now sign in through your favorite LMS.
  • PWA caching is now an option in network settings and disabled by default.
  • Added email/password as an official main option for signing in.
  • Improved displaying/requiring password strength requirements for password signin.
  • Option to disallow signing into EngageWhiz directly if signing in through an LTI.
  • Several input fields that are numeric now display a numeric keyboard on mobile devices instead of just the regular keyboard.

2.1.1 - 08/30/2019

  • Improved contrast accessibility setting.
  • Added new accessibility settings such as: large cursor, grayscale, invert colors, contrast, zoom, brightness, and more.

2.1.0 - 08/29/2019

  • New authentication method: google sign-in.
  • No longer preload previous page, which improves performance and reduces issues.
  • Fix bug in two factor authentication with popup windows.
  • Fix bug with sending presentations in folders to receiver.
  • Fix bug with sending question bank items in folders to receiver.
  • Edit/Options buttons are hidden for presentations and question bank items when viewed from the presentation remote.
  • Fix bug where if there were questions in a presentation, opening a slide after the question would open the wrong slide.
  • Fix bug in checking if two factor authentication already set up.
  • Two factor authentication now supports backup codes.
  • Able to send absence notices to students emails.
  • Fix bug in professors downloading their user data.
  • Add select/deselect all buttons to some pages with a lot of checkbox options.
  • Add where is my password info to signin.
  • Add ability to set school branding.
  • Students can now access the course home actions searchbar.
  • Attendance record items display record name as title if one is set.

2.0.4 - 08/27/2019

  • Fix bug where student active engage session course home link led to wrong destination.
  • Fix attendance checkin gps alert not being hidden while loading.
  • Improve students manually loading active engage session.

2.0.3 - 08/27/2019

  • Fix bug where page loading indicator could be stuck showing.
  • Fix bugs in authentication that arose as a result of the overhaul.
  • Presentation remote is now available on all devices, not just mobile.

2.0.2 - 08/27/2019

  • Add a loading indicator to the additional info page.
  • Fix bug where you couldn't sign into a school if previously signed into a different school.
  • Fix a grammar mistake in a Two Factor Authentication toast.

2.0.1 - 08/26/2019

  • Added two factor authentication.
  • Switch action finder keyboard shortcut to ctrl+shift+k.
  • Add work-in-progress notice to language settings.
  • New option for institutions to disable changing account name.
  • Loading enrolled courses list tries a second time if initially failed.

2.0.0 - 08/22/2019

V2 has left beta after months of testing, feedback and development. V2 is a massive rewrite of EngageWhiz based upon over a year of feedback from hundreds of students, professors and administrators. Changelog and highlights:

  • New authentication methods: passwordless and SSO/SAML, in addition to email/password. This is customizable by institutions.
  • Institution data can be stored on its own instance and region (institution data physically separate from other customers).
  • Improved routing.
  • Live transcription.
  • Confusion meter integrates with more features.
  • Can create groups and have group questions.
  • Easier/simpler access to a lot of features and settings.
  • Improved attendance/engage systems, many new question types.
  • Can now assign questions.
  • Presentations.
  • Can use phone as remote control to control presentations or course content.
  • Digital whiteboard.
  • Can now import/export settings between courses.
  • More control over your own data, can download it.
  • Greatly improved accessibility and accessibility settings.
  • Students can mark accessibility requirements.
  • Improved record exporting.
  • Application caches content more aggressively, and can be installed as a PWA.
  • Can download course archive.
  • Initial support for multiple languages.
  • Improved security/sign in history page (can now sign out of all devices).
  • Students are now given a 2 week subscription grace period so they can participate right away.
  • Even if a subscription expires, students can still view records, grades, responses, presentations etc.
  • Improved device support and stability.
  • Low bandwidth and offline modes.
  • Improved course system.
  • Improved security logging.