Digital Whiteboard

  • Draw on a digital whiteboard for better visualization. Save your whiteboards for later viewing and editing.
  • Students can later view your saved whiteboards on their own, making it easy to review and reducing the burden of note taking.
  • Open slides from your presentations in the whiteboard to draw on them.


  • Let students ask questions, which can be answered by you, a TA, or even other students.
  • Don't have time to answer a question in class? Answer it later and every student benefits from the answer.
  • Students can vote on posts so you can see which questions are shared amongst the most students.

Data/Record Exporting

  • All data in EngageWhiz can be exported or printed. Customize how data is exported to work with your LMS like Blackboard or Canvas.
  • Record exports are logged so you can later revisit and redownload an export at a certain point in time.
  • You can also download an archive of your entire course with all its records, grades, and data.


  • Create and send announcements to your students. Students can receive an email notification, as well as see the most recent announcements right from their course home.

Documents & Links

  • Documents & Links
  • You can control whether or not students can view and access the files, as well as notify students about newly added documents.