Create and send questions, polls, quizzes and more

  • Easily create multiple kinds of questions, including multiple choice, matching, short response questions, and more.
  • You have complete customization over each question, from whether it's graded, how long students have to respond, to whether they are allowed multiple tries and hints.
  • Questions can be asked live, or assigned for later. You can even run a question live and have it run in the background.
  • After finishing recording student responses, you can view and discuss the results right away, or move on with your lecture.
  • Students can respond via their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even text message.
  • Create over 20 different types of questions/interactive content.


  • Assign any question you've created for homework with the click of a button.
  • You can set a specific date for when the assignment should be available in the future, as well as a due date.
  • Password protect assignments for even more control over access to them.

Store items in your Question Bank

  • When you create a question or folder, or other item, it gets stored in your question bank for that course, keeping everything organized and searchable.
  • You can also access items from all of your courses, so you don't have to recreate the same question multiple times for multiple courses.
  • TA's and other instructors in your courses can create and share questions/content.

Give Students Feedback

  • Give feedback to individual students on their responses, so they can learn from their mistakes.
  • You can also set notes for a question which can be viewed by all students when later reviewing a question.


  • Instructors and TA's can comment on student responses. These comments are not visible to the student.


  • Reviewing content is easy with a plethora of options for review. Offer hints, notes, multiple tries, and more.
  • If you are grading a question, you can offer a different amount of points for students who retried the question.
  • See how long students took to answer a question, and even see what their attempted responses were.

Secure Responses and More

  • See if students left the page during a question, copy-and-pasted their response, and more.
  • Same as attendance, you can view detailed records and reports about student responses and performance. View trends and see if students are meeting learning goals.
  • Question prompts and responses also support LaTex/TeX.