Heavy on value, light on student wallets.

Professors and TA's get access for free. Students only have to purchase one subscription, which gives access to unlimited classes using it.

1 Year

Full access for one year (e.g. fall, winter, spring and summer semesters).



• Access to all features

• Attendance Tracking

• Student engagement (questions, discussions, etc.)

• Gauge student understanding

• Live transcription

• Whiteboards

• Course Q&A

• Presentations

• Data and record exporting

• Top-tier support

6 Years

Best value. Even if only used for 4 years, save $12 (vs. $72).




• Everything in yearly subscription

You can purchase a subscription from within the web-app, or directly here.

Tax is included in the price.

Students also have a two week grace period to purchase a subscription, meaning they can participate in the course for two weeks before being required to purchase a subscription. (This means if a student joins a course late, they can participate right away, or if they end up dropping the course early, they didn't have to pay for a subscription.)

Even if a subscription expires, students can continue to access and view/download their records, grades, responses, and other course content.

We can also do institution-paid, department licenses, etc. (Contact us).

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