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EngageWhiz is a student engagement and attendance tracking platform that improves the classroom from both the teaching and learning sides. Professors can now gauge if students are actually understanding content, as well as easily stay compliant with education requirements and regulations.

EngageWhiz helps students stay on track with learning objectives, as well as better understand content in and out of the classroom. With tools like live transcription, presentations, digital whiteboards, questions, a Q&A, and more, EngageWhiz transforms the classroom for students and professors.


  • ● Our product is delivered as a web-app and is accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops with no download required.

  • ● Our product works in areas even with poor wifi or bandwidth.

  • ● EngageWhiz was founded in 2017.

  • ● EngageWhiz was a winner at the 2018 Stony Brook Entrepreneur Challenge.