EngageWhiz makes learning better and more engaging.


EngageWhiz is built almost entirely off of feedback received from students, professors and administrators alike. We actually listen to what students want (EngageWhiz was launched when we were students ourselves).

Features designed with students in mind really make a difference, and we think you'll see that right away.


EngageWhiz is extremely affordable and light on budgets (it's free!). If an institution is using our paid version, n the student-paid license, we charge a yearly subscription that gives access to unlimited courses using EngageWhiz, so you only need one subscription. We also offer discounts for longer subscription periods. You can learn more here.

Joining a class late? Or dropping a class because it's not right for you? EngageWhiz offers a grace period before you have to purchase a subscription, so you can participate right away (we've all been there where you join a class and you have to sit out as a result of not having a certain product).

EngageWhiz also lets you transfer your subscription to other students. Purchased a year long subscription but only using EngageWhiz for one semester? Sell or give your subscription to someone else!

Be More Involved in Class

Classes can be disengaging, we all know this. EngageWhiz makes it easy to stay involved in class and see how well you understand the content.

You can also easily let a professor know you are confused (anonymously of course), or ask questions and get answers from other students, TA's, and professors in the course Q&A.

Top-tier Support

Other companies often offer support just to professors, or better support to professors. We offer the same level of support to anyone who needs it. We've met with students in person, over phone, and email. You get the same quality support everyone else gets.

Accessible anywhere, by anyone.

EngageWhiz is a web-app that works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. No download required.

On top of this, we offer powerful accessibility features. You can mark that you have an accessibility requirement or notes (e.g. vision impairment) to let professors of your courses know. Our accessibility settings also offer a variety of options including vibrating your device when something happens in a course, a font to make reading easier for those with Dyslexia, a dark mode, voice commands, and more.

Professors who have a microphone can also have what they say transcribed on their computer/projector, and streamed to your device. You can also search through these live transcriptions later.

Your privacy is important

Privacy is another thing we excel at. We collect the minimal information needed to operate our services, and take great care to secure your data. You can learn more about privacy at EngageWhiz here.

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