EngageWhiz helps you achieve learning outcomes and stay compliant.


EngageWhiz is built almost entirely off of feedback received from students, professors and administrators alike. This means EngageWhiz can do A LOT, or be as simple as you want it to be.

Stay compliant as well as track and meet learning objectives and outcomes.

As we think you'll see, there's a reason the fastest classes to switch over are those that have used our competitors.


EngageWhiz is extremely affordable and we don't require contracts.

Our default pricing model is charging students a subscription for access (learn more here). Students have a grace period to purchase a subscription, so even if they join a class late, they can participate right away. No waiting.

We also offer department wide or institution wide pricing. We're flexible.


EngageWhiz makes it easy to stay compliant with federal attendance mandates, as well as mandates for learning objectives. With powerful reporting, you can see just how well students and classes are performing.

We are also FERPA, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant, and work to comply with various industry standards and best practices, including FISMA.

Student Engagement

One of the biggest struggles is engaging students in a classroom. EngageWhiz offers powerful tools for gauging if students actually understand the content, as well as helping students (and professors!) succeed.

EngageWhiz gets students involved in class and allows students to better follow along with content as well as better review and understand it.

Top-tier Support

EngageWhiz offers support like no other, and not just for administrators or professors; students too.

We offer in-person, phone and email support. No support contracts. No additional costs.

Security, Privacy, and Accessibility

Offering the best possible service is at the core of EngageWhiz. To meet this goal, security, privacy, and accessibility are extremely important.

Our platform is built to be highly secure, and you can learn more about security at EngageWhiz here.

Privacy is another thing we excel at. We collect minimal information, and don't use any analytics or tracking software (we can't say the same for our competitors). You can learn more about privacy at EngageWhiz here.

We believe our product should be accessible anywhere, by anyone. As such, accessibility is a big focus when designing and developing our product. You can learn more about accessibility at EngageWhiz here.

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