About Us

Founded in 2017, we saw that the "solutions" for student engagement and attendance were quite lacking. In many areas. Expensive, clunky, and the companies behind these products care little about little else than profits. We sought to change that.

Collecting feedback from a ton of students, professors and administrators, we've built not just a product, but a service that students and professors love. There is a reason the easiest professors to switch over are the same ones who have used other offerings.

We're at the forefront pioneering new solutions and features that our competitors end up later adopting. Some technology that we've developed that later appeared in our competitors products: our confusion meter and secure GPS attendance (and we're sure the copying will continue!). We take this as a compliment because obviously we are doing something right!

You'll experience the difference right away. No contracts, no complicated privacy policy (we take privacy very seriously), and top-tier service for both professors and students.